Golf Tournament Planning

Run successful golf events with these free GolfRegistrations planning resources!

GolfRegistrations provides golf tournament planners with a complete set of free resources, to help make your outing a success. The complete set of golf tournament planning resources includes a planner/checklist, and Microsoft Excel based budget, and a set of 5 standard letter templates, which can be easily modified for your tournament needs.

We have been providing Golf Tournament registration and online services for many years now, and we realize that many first-time tournament directors, and even the vets, need access to good planning tools, budgets, templates, and golf focused services to help make their tournaments more successful. These free resources, along with our other products and services, are part of our commitment to help organizations large and small run successful and profitable golf tournaments year-around.

Whether you are planning a small golf outing or a large corporate charity fund raiser, GolfRegistrations has the experience and services to assist you with many golf tournament details - allowing you to focus on a more successful event every year:

  • Online registration, event management, reporting, and eMarketing
  • Pre-Approved Golf event consultants and planners, to help you with products and planning
  • Live support, and assistance with your event needs

Golf Tournament Planner and Checklist

Golf Tournament Planning - Project Checklist

What's the key to pulling off a successful golf tournament? It's planning and organization, of course. Sometimes the hardest tasks to tackle lie in the initial organizing and planning stages. This planner doubles as a time line and as a project checklist, helping to provide a solid starting point. Fill in your own due dates based on the date of your tournament. For simplicity's sake, we've assigned responsibilities to three people, the Chairperson, the marketing or advertising manager (Marketing) and a Planning Director to help with the immediate task of delegating. Designed to help get you from start to finish, the Golf Tournament Planner and Checklist will take the guesswork out of managing your next tournament.

Golf Tournament Budget - Excel Spreadsheet

Planning Budget - Excel Spreadsheet

Financial tracking and planning is one key ingredient to event success. The golf event budget is pre-populated with all major golf outing income and expense categories, and includes a profit/loss summary for both estimated and actual expenses. Whatever size event you are hosting, whether you are just beginning, or are a seasoned pro, this budget will serve to help predict and estimate costs, as well as monitor income and expenses throughout the planning stages. Further, the budget can later be reviewed with a consultant, to help you with product ordering, fund raising and profitability goals.

Golf Tournament Flyers

Golf Tournament Flyer

Advertising is key to any successful golf tournament. In addition to a website with GolfRegistrations Golf TMS Software, consider putting flyers up in your local areas with important tournament information. These template flyers may be customized to suit your specific event, and are available in two formats: A one-page flyer, as well as a flyer with tear-away tabs. With a little customizing, we hope these flyers offer a great opportunity to boost event visibility.

Golf Tournament Document Templates

Document Templates

Our Golf Tournament Document Templates offer a complete golf tournament communication set letter, including sample sponsor solicitation, sponsor confirmation player confirmation, participant thank you, and golf course confirmation letters. The documents carry Word formatting, and may be downloaded and customized to meet your individual event needs. With this resource, you'll assemble professional communications and sponsor recruitment materials with minimal time and effort.

Getting Your Golf Tournament Started Right

Document Templates

Providing tips on how to effectively plan and manage a charity golf tournament, we've provided a direct link to an excerpt from Tom Kings' book, "Charity Golf Tournaments, A Survivors Notebook". Organizing and carrying off a successful tournament is as complex as producing any entertainment event, starting a small business, or organizing an art festival. Yet, while it's true that golf tournaments can be exhausting and time consuming, if you do them right, hosting charity golf tournaments for your organization can be satisfying and very profitable. Ultimately, a charity golf tournament may be the hardest work you've ever loved.

Another Tom King title we recommend is Going for the Green!: An Insider's Guide to Raising Money with Charity Golf. In this excerpt, Tom King focuses on how to attract golfers to your fundraising golf tournament. Order the book for detailed analysis on when to start planning your fundraising event, who to involve in your tournament & how to attract golfers, how much it will cost to run your golf tournament and much more.

Advantage Golf eBooklet - PDF eBook

Document Templates

To Golf Tournament Coordinators Across America: Through the years, we've learned a lot about what it takes to produce a successful tournament from corporate and charity tournament coordinators. We've assembled some of the best strategies available for common golf outing challenges in this free e-book, such as for boosting team participants and recruiting sponsors for your tournament. Have ideas that have worked for your organization? Please email us at We'd love to hear from you.

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