Corporate Golf Events

Why are corporate golf events beneficial in business? Many individuals pursing a career in business also pursue an understanding of the game of golf. Why? Often corporations hold corporate golf events as a way to show appreciation for employees and clients. It is also not uncommon to conduct business on the golf course as it provides a carefree environment for individuals to discuss the details of their partnership. Companies also often host charity golf tournaments as a way to raise money for their organization or favorite charitable cause.

If your company is looking at hosting a corporate golf event, you'll want to do it right. After all, a corporate golf event is another representation of your brand and your business. Make sure you create a golf outing that is unique, interesting and fun for attendees. Be professional. Make registration and donation collection easy and safe. Partner with a golf course that caters to your needs and makes your guests feel welcome. Be sure to investigate the numerous types of golf formats in order to determine which is right for your group. Provide contests and prizes, entertainment and food, or consider adding ancillary events that may attract a larger pool of guests. Hosting a silent auction as part of your charity event is a great way to bring in additional revenue while providing an element of exclusivity for your guests through the unique, one-of-a-kind items up for bid.

Corporate Golf Events: The invite list

Now that you've decided to host a corporate golf event, your organization needs to decide who to invite. Invite current clients as a way to say "Thanks for your business". But, also invite potential clients. Golf is a relaxing environment to get to know your prospects. Find out what their goals are and how your company's products and services can help them accomplish their objectives. A corporate golf outing provides an opportunity to get to know both current and potential customers on a more personal level. Find out about their interests, families, etc. This is all part of the relationship-building process that creates loyalty. A golf outing is also a great way to get executives out to mingle with their employees. In larger businesses, often the worker-bees never get to interact with high-level execs. A golf outing puts everyone in the organization on the same playing field. You may also be interested in opening up your invitation to the local community. Invite influential community members who may enjoy networking opportunities and bring in additional revenue through sponsorship. Invite media as well. This is especially relevant if you are hosting a charity golf tournament, as media are often interested in telling a story about a "good cause" for the local community.

Charity Golf Tournament Planning

Perhaps your corporate golf event is aimed at more than networking, but also has financial goals — such as raising money to fund a project or support a cause. Charity golf tournaments are known to be one of the most lucrative fundraising events... if done right. So be sure to start your planning early. Your planning efforts will include: budget management, sponsorship and donations, marketing and public relations, hospitality and day of event operations, managing volunteers, and organizing golf prizes and tournament contests. GolfRegistrations offers golf tournament software tools to help your organization plan and manage all the details of your tournament from participant registration and sponsor management to creating detailed reports. More information including guidelines and recommendations are also available to help you more effectively organize a charity golf tournament. We've also provided a number of free golf tournament planning tools for you to use including: downloadable templates, tournament check-list, sample budgets, golf rules, etc.

Other Golf Services?

GolfRegistrations Golf Tournament Marketplace provides recommendations for a number of other golf services you may need including: sourcing golf apparel & merchandise, finding unique contest prizes, purchasing hole-in-one insurance, hiring golf consultants, and much more.

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