How to Tee Up Your Charity Golf Tournament for SuccessThis FREE 45-minute webinar will discuss the following topics:

  1. Clarifying Event Objectives: Clarifying Event Objectives: Understanding the target audience, Setting the tournament budget, Venue selection, and Event theme
  2. Sponsorship Packages: How to attract sponsors to spend money at your event instead of another
  3. Smooth Day of Event Registration/ Effectively using Golf Tournament Software:: Tips on how to maximize revenue opportunities at registration without creating a bottleneck
Debbie Waitkus

The webinar is presented by Debbie Waitkus, a business golf consultant and professional speaker, and owner of Golf for Cause, and the current President of Women in the Golf Industry. Debbie has over 30 years of progressive business experience with an emphasis in marketing, management, and finance. Prior to founding Golf for Cause she was President of a 38-year-old $130 million private mortgage banking firm, where playing customer golf was one of her keys to her success. In addition to participating in growth of the game initiatives, Golf for Cause delivers business-golf events & education and golf tournament consultation.