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Golf Tournament Registration

If your organization is hosting a golf fundraising event, you should consider providing online golf tournament registration tools for your participants. With the right planning and golf tournament software tools, hosting a charity golf tournament can be easy, fun and quite lucrative for your organization.

Golf Charity Registration

Today, people are constantly online whether on their smart phone, iPad or laptop computer. They aren’t only surfing the net, but now expect organizations to provide tools where they can easily engage online. Whether that entails signing up for an event, purchasing a product, or sending an email to customer service…participants should be able to take action directly from your golf tournament website.

Providing online tools for registration not only provides value for the golfers, but also for administrators and sponsors.

Benefits of Online Golf Tournament Registration:

  • Online registrations have replaced paper and fax registrations allowing golfers and sponsors to easily sign-up and make payments online.
  • Organizations receive money upfront without the hassle of paper checks and printing costs of registration forms.
  • Most people now prefer to interact in an online environment. Offering registration and payment with credit cards rather than mailing paperwork and a check is faster, safer and easier for participants.
  • Security is key with online registrations and proper security features ensure participant, volunteer and sponsor information is not shared or lost, and credit card payments are securely processed.
  • Golf registration software allows administrators to manage pairings, tee-times and generate various reports including: event attendee contact lists, donor reports, financial reports, and automatically sending receipts and communications when people register online.
  • Golfers can easily purchase golf merchandise and make selections (such as shirt size or lunch option) with tournament registration.
  • Golfers, sponsors and administrators can log-in at any time to see progress of the golf fundraising tournament, post comments and share the website in real-time through social networking.
  • If participating in a golf marathon, golfers can easily create a personal fundraising page as part of their registration process providing an easy way for family and friends to make donations to your cause.

By utilizing one of GolfRegistations golf tournament software solutions, your organization will be able to provide easy-to-use golf registration tools for participants and sponsors. Each software solution comes with a golf tournament website which can be customized specifically for your organization and fundraising event.

Check out our golf tournament planning tools, and test-drive our easy-to-use software solutions with a free, no obligation 14-day trial!