Custom HTML Service Package

Custom HTML Service Package

Custom HTML Packages are Offered at $699 & Up

Our Custom HTML Package creates the same branded look and feel as your organizational website on your GolfRegistrations website. Many organizations report that donors feel more comfortable on a mirrored or embedded website such as this. We will replicate your current identity and branding standards on your website, creating a seamless transition from your GolfRegistrations website to your organizational website.

Provide us with the following:

  • An original JPG logo for the organization or event, with a maximum size of 700×100 pixels.
  • The website that is to be mirrored.
  • Any additional instructions.

We will complete the work and your staff can send feedback and revisions. After the initial revisions or if the scope of the work changes, we will bill work at our normal hourly rate. Please contact our technical support team for further discussion and to determine if this package meets your needs.


  • Please be sure to carefully review your needs, as GolfRegistrations will follow the guidelines listed above very closely, and cannot perform additional custom work without additional cost.
  • Most work can be completed within 3 – 7 working days of purchase and delivery of all required content.
  • Limited design work is included in this package. Your desired design should already be in place on your organizational website.