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Golf Marathon Software

Golf Pledge is a powerful registration and tournament management software platform for peer-to-peer fundraising and charity golf tournaments where players raise money for your organization. With a Golf Marathon (or 100 Holes of Golf Fundraiser) format, your golfers commit to soliciting a designated amount of donations to participate in your organization’s fundraising golf tournament.

Our Golf Marathon software allows your organization to multiply your fundraising resources and raise more money, as each participant taps into their group of constituents via social media and email campaigns. Players simply register on your golf tournament management website, customize their personal fundraising page, and then contact friends, colleagues, and family members to solicit donations. Motivated golfers can raise thousands of dollars for your cause through their social networks.

How Does Golf Marathon Software Work?

Your organization’s golf tournament website will be easy to create and fully mobile-responsive. Golf Pledge includes online registration for individual golfers and teams, sponsor promotion and management, and complete event management and fundraising reporting capabilities on your golfers. The administration area provides a player database, storing registration information (name, address, phones, payment details, email), as well as email broadcast and email template capability for event promotion, allowing tournament directors to easily communicate with registered players and sponsors.

Our Golf Marathon software is a peer-to-peer fundraising website that allows your organization to:

  • Manage participant registrations, sponsorship, and product sales
  • Host a personal fundraising page for each golfer, including pictures and videos, their personal statement, social media links and goal achievement progress
  • Display top fundraisers and teams (Fundraising Leaderboards)
  • Track fundraising progress with fundraising thermometers at the tournament, team and player level
  • Securely process pledges and donations, assigned to golfers and foursomes
  • Easily Share your golf website via Social Media channels

Loaded with Features

Beautiful Golf Marathon Websites

Beautiful Golf Marathon Websites

Our mobile-responsive website templates will impress your audience.

  • Register players and teams or import golfers for smaller tournaments. Registration generates a personal fundraising page which includes a fundraising statement, videos and photos, social media links, and a fundraising thermometer to track individual goal progress. Donor comments scroll down the page and donation amounts received are optionally displayed.
  • Participants drive potential donors to their personal fundraising page to make secure online donations.
  • Event managers configure your custom sponsorship packages and promote your sponsors online.
  • Sell golf tournament products to increase your revenues – including dinner only and bar tickets, mulligan packages, and fundraising raffles.
  • Golf course location pages link to your course or country club via MapQuest and Google maps and allow you to promote your venue.

Fundraising Leaderboards & Thermometers

Competition will motivate your golfers to raise more money for your organization or charitable cause. That’s why our Golf Marathon software template contains fundraising leaderboards with the top individual and team fundraisers and fundraising thermometers that show fundraising progress at the tournament, team and individual player level. With a golf marathon format, the success of your golf tournament lies in the ability of your golfers to fundraise for your organization. Providing these visual metrics right on the golf tournament website is key to your success.

Tip: Throwing in great prizes for top fundraisers will really help motivate your players to succeed!

Golf Marathon Software: Fundraising Leaderboard & Thermometers
Secure Credit Card Processing

Secure Credit Card Processing

GolfRegistrations offers easy, affordable credit card payment processing to our US and Canadian clients via DoJiggy Payments. No more waiting for merchant account program approvals or sending clients to to get payments. Sign up with us and start accepting credit card payments within minutes. We also offer full merchant accounts and all funds are routed to your designated bank account with either option, so your organization manages the intake of your money.

If your organization already has your own merchant account that you wish to use, our Golf tournament software integrates with several of the industry’s leading payment processors.

Robust Financial Reporting & Data Collection

Our back-end administration area houses player and team data and allows administrators to configure settings for a Golf Marathon or golf crowdfunding event where players raise funds. Multiple tournament managers can log-in here and work on the tournament, customizing the website and settings and the primary administrator can provide limited access to additional administrators or volunteers, to keep event data secure.

Financial tracking is imperative to managing a fundraising tournament and our financial reports assist tournament managers and golf courses alike. Golf Marathon reports include all of the Golf Pro reporting as well as special crowdfunding reporting for Top Individual Fundraisers, Top Group Fundraisers, Top Individual Givers, Donations by Donor, Donations by Participant, Donations by Group, Participant Donation Summary, and Participants Not Fundraising.

Golf Marathon Software: Robust Financial Reporting & Data Collection

Email Management for Branded Communication

Our software packages include a built-in email system that allows tournament managers to easily email tournament players, sponsors, volunteers, foursome captains, and more. These email lists are pulled from reports in your admin area and updated in real-time as registrations and donations take place on your tournament website. Communication is key and we make it easy!

All of our email templates are branded with your golf website header and custom footer. Many auto-generated communications are available as templates, to be customized by your management team.

See How It Works

Golf Marathon Software: How It Works

Since 2003, GolfRegistrations has successfully hosted over 2,000 fundraising, corporate, and charity golf tournaments. See why we’re the industry leaders in Golf Marathon software and management.

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