How to Attract Golf Tournament Sponsors

Learn How to Recruit Sponsors for Golf Tournament Fundraisers

You’ve decided to host a fundraising or charity golf tournament to create awareness and raise funds for your charitable cause. You will likely want to find golf tournament sponsors to offset the costs required to produce your tournament and boost your fundraising success. Below are some useful guidelines for attracting golf tournament sponsors for your event.

Why Do You Need Golf Tournament Sponsors?

Why Do You Need Golf Tournament Sponsors?

Corporate and community sponsors fulfill a critical role in any successful golf tournament fundraiser. These corporations and local businesses help increase awareness of an event by promoting it to their employees and customers, which is helpful when it is time to attract the attention of local media and recruit golfers. Most importantly, sponsors create a financial backbone by helping to offset tournament costs, which are generally quite high. 

Utilize Your Network of Supporters

Considering your current connections is a great way to start building your sponsorship prospect list. Who on your leadership team is connected to a small business owner? Who in your team of volunteers or friends works for a larger company or corporation that may designate funds for local community projects? Can they help connect you to the person who deals with corporate social responsibility and sponsorships?

Remember that networks constantly grow and change. Many organizations do a great job of assessing their networks when first constructing sponsorship recruitment and prospecting plans. However, your network will also grow as your organization grows and you recruit volunteers and participants. Schedule a second and third assessment of your network, and actively seek out connections that will aid the success of your golf tournament.

Utilize Your Network of Supporters

Companies Benefit From Sponsorship

Companies Benefit From Sponsorship

Understanding and articulating how prospective sponsors will benefit from working with your organization is critical. This becomes the foundation for selling sponsorship opportunities. Everyone likes to help out a great cause; however, companies are looking for a win-win relationship when investing in your golf tournament fundraiser. Be sure to explain precisely how sponsoring your tournament will provide value to the local businesses you are prospecting.

Benefits a Golf Tournament Sponsorship Provides to Business and Corporate Sponsors

Benefits a Golf Tournament Sponsorship Provides to Business

Some common benefits that golf tournament sponsors receive include the following:

  • Inclusion in promotional materials
    • Where do you intend to promote your tournament, and how many people will you reach? Golf tournament sponsorships should offer real visibility for the sponsors.
    • How will sponsors be mentioned? (i.e., link from your golf tournament website, logo inclusion on tournament flyers, mentions in press releases and social media networks, and more)
  • Exposure at the tournament
    • Real business happens right on the course at many charity and corporate golf tournaments. Include a foursome with your top-level sponsorship packages.
    • How many people are expected to attend the tournament? Let potential sponsors know their involvement will expose them to these new potential customers.
    • Will sponsors have a tent or table onsite where they can educate people about their business and generate leads? Businesses are always looking for ways to reach new potential customers, and a relaxed environment like a fundraising golf tournament is attractive.
    • If a company sells golf-related products, your event could be a great venue for actual sales or handing out coupons and information.
  • Other general benefits
    • Increased exposure in the community
    • Tax deductions – check with your organization’s tax adviser for details
    • Opportunities for team building and employee development

Be Organized in Your Approach to Potential Golf Sponsors

Be Organized in your Approach to Potential Golf Sponsors

There are several steps to a successful sponsorship program that members of your golf tournament planning committee should manage. Follow these guidelines to determine and help reach fundraising goals.

  • What are your fundraising event goals, and how does sponsorship feed into those goals?
  • Develop a corporate sponsor packet with a concise cover letter and message.
  • Create sponsorship levels that allow businesses to contribute at various levels, e.g., $500 to $10,000. 
  • Determine what your agency will provide in exchange for sponsorship, such as the use of logos on signs, tee shirts, websites, or publicity materials.
  • Brainstorm a list of prospective sponsors. Delegate each prospect to a committee member and create a concrete timeline for approaching each prospect.
  • Obtain the logos for each sponsor as they sign on. You’ll be thankful that you have them ready when it’s time to post them on your website or print golf tournament materials.
  • Remember to thank your sponsors! Mention each sponsor’s contributions specifically at the event and send thank you letters. This may bring them back again for annual events.

Examples of Golf Tournament Sponsorship Levels

Here are some standard golf tournament sponsorship levels and a sample of the included benefits. These packages can be customized for your organization. Remember, all sponsors should be recognized on your tournament website, flyers, and tournament program.

TITLE SPONSOR$10,000-$25,00
  • The Title Sponsor presents the golf tournament and must have their name and logo on all promotional materials.
  • They also receive recognition throughout the tournament, dinner, and awards ceremony.
  • Includes 1-2 foursomes.
  • Any special opportunity they ask for can be included.
GOLD SPONSOR$5,000-$10,000
  • Company logo and link on website and tournament banners.
  • Recognition at tournament, dinner, and awards ceremony.
  • Includes golf foursome.
SILVER SPONSOR$2,500-$5,000
  • Recognition at tournament, dinner, and awards ceremony.
  • Includes golf foursome.
DINNER or LUNCH SPONSOR$1,500-$3,500
  • Special signage and recognition at lunch/dinner and awards ceremony.
  • Includes golf foursome or two golfers.
  • This package includes the sponsor name and logo on the Hole in One or putting contest tee signage.
  • Allow sponsors to include a tent or table at the hole or after-party to network and hand out materials.
  • This is the most accessible sponsorship level, and there are generally up to 18 to sell. Keep the sponsorship ask low here and include the sponsor name and logo on the tee signage at one hole.
  • Special holes may also allow the sponsor to hand out materials or sponsor contests.

Be Creative and Provide Opportunities for Fun

Be Creative and Provide Opportunities for Fun at the Tournament

When considering how to get golf tournament sponsors to support your event, feel free to think outside the box and find compelling tie-ins for businesses. Here are some fun examples:

  • Insurance companies may be able to create special slogans pertaining to health and safety.
  • Invite a local furniture store to set up a 9th hole rest stop for your golfers where they can feature some of their best-selling lounge chairs. The possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make the event unforgettable.
  • Golf tournament contests can provide extra revenue for your tournament. Make them fun by allowing a sponsor to take part.
  • Read more fun golf tournament ideas.

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