Raffle Fundraising for Charity Golf Tournaments

Fundraising raffles are a great addition to charity golf tournaments. They can be run throughout the tournament life cycle with donated items or as 50/50 cash pots, with winning donors selected at the tournament. A successful fundraising raffle can produce high-profit margins with few upfront costs, making it a popular nonprofit fundraising strategy. 

We make it easy with our raffle fundraising software that manages all of the details. Best of all, our raffle websites can be run entirely free of charge with our innovative tipping model that allows donors to optionally support the platform.

Raffle Fundraising

Features of Our Raffle Fundraising Websites

Our raffle fundraising software offers the most functionality in the marketplace. Software features include:

Features of Our Raffle Fundraising Websites
  • Ability to include free merchandise with raffle ticket purchases
  • Fundraising thermometer to track online fundraising progress
  • Live Stream video platform for hybrid and virtual fundraising events
  • Sponsor promotion via sponsor logos and links to website and social media
  • Easy social media share options on all pages
  • Ability to incorporate peer to peer fundraising, where fundraisers sell raffle tickets via personal fundraising pages
  • The system can automatically draw winners from all entries or the administrator can draw winners
  • Social Media sharing options to reward supporters who share links and bring in other donors with more raffle entries
  • Text to Give and mobile giving features to make promoting the raffle easy

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Managing Raffle Sales and Donations Online

One of the most important considerations when planning a raffle is how to securely manage the money raised through raffle ticket sales and donations. Online raffle sales are a great way to spread the word. Plus, accepting credit cards makes it easy for your constituents to participate and less hassle for your ticket sellers to collect cash and checks. Who has $100 to spare in their wallets, after all?

Managing Raffle Sales and Donations Online

DoJiggy Offers Best of Class Fundraising Software for Online Raffle Fundraising

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions for Online Raffle Fundraising

DoJiggy provides a complete, state-of-the-art online raffle and donation management system for fundraising raffles. Our software even allows volunteers or students to collect raffle donations on your organization’s behalf. Organizers can also include free merchandise for raffle donations. For example, anyone who contributes $50 gets organizational swag.

Raffle and donation management system

Many fundraiser raffles are held in conjunction with a golf tournament—the event may be the kick-off of the raffle or the final destination when the winning raffle tickets are drawn. Either way, raffle tickets can be sold online to reach a broader audience. We also include a free text-to-give feature to make promoting the raffle easy.

Raffle Website Pricing

With GolfRegistrations, your organization selects the best pricing option for you. You can choose either to pay a percentage of all funds raised or allow your supporters to optionally place a tip to cover platform fees. In this way, you can run a raffle free of charge and keep all of the funds raised. Note that supporters who select to tip on free raffles receive extra chances to win. All of this is managed in the raffle software.


Optional tips from your supporters allow us to offer the platform free of charge. Donors receive an incentive of entries into the drawing for tipping, and your organization runs the entire online raffle campaign for free.


Percent pricing is a great alternative to better suit corporate and some organizational needs. There are no upfront costs and fees are applied to each credit card transaction. You decide if your organization or supporters will cover the cost.

Regular Stripe payment processing fees apply.

Is Charitable Raffle Fundraising Legal?

Is Raffle Fundraising Legal?

To be legal, the proceeds from a fundraising raffle must directly benefit a legally registered nonprofit or charitable organization. States have exclusive rights to determine what is allowed and what is not in terms of gaming in the US, including raffles. Canadian raffles are regulated in much the same way by each province. Some states, such as California, do not allow fundraising raffles in their jurisdiction, even for registered nonprofits. Be sure to check with your state’s Attorney General’s office or local regulatory agency before planning a raffle to determine regulations surrounding nonprofit raffles in your area. You will need to verify that you are legally allowed to organize a raffle before going live with your raffle website. If your organization is domiciled in a state where online raffles are prohibited, you cannot use our raffle software platform. Check raffle eligibility in your state here.

Establishing Raffle Fundraising Goals

Determining how much money you wish to raise from the raffle is the first step in creating fundraising goals. Once you specify your fundraising goal, you’ll set your price structure. Many organizations have a single raffle ticket price and a discounted rate for multiple purchases.

Next, decide if your students or participants have a minimum quantity to sell. For example, if a sports team raises money for new equipment, perhaps each team member is tasked with selling at least ten raffle tickets. Setting realistic goals always helps with raffle sales. Make sure to allow a reasonable amount of time for the raffle ticket sales (a minimum of one month to six weeks). Trying to sell raffle tickets at the last minute will make it very difficult to accomplish your goals.

Establishing Raffle Fundraising Goals

Remember to create incentives for your ticket sellers. Establish milestones that reward sellers and great prizes for top performers. This will motivate your group to achieve more and keep everyone focused on the fundraising goals.

Ideas for Fundraising Raffle Prizes

Appealing raffle prizes make for a successful fundraising raffle. After all, this will be the first question people will ask when approached to purchase tickets. Make sure the prizes are desirable and relevant to your audience and location. Relevancy is important to your success—for example, while gun raffles are popular with sporting groups and clubs, a gun raffle would not be appropriate for a school fundraiser.

Though you always want to ask for donations first, don’t limit your fundraising raffle to donated items. This is a mistake that many organizations make, as they want to keep all of the raffle proceeds. Yet organizations can raise far more money with desirable, high-value items. We’re not talking about $1 raffles at the football game here. In this case, donated prizes are fine and necessary to raise money. But if your school or organization wants to raise $5,000, $10,000, or even more on a fundraising raffle, you will likely need to purchase the grand prize.

Successful Fundraising Raffle Essentials – The Prizes!

Here are some great raffle prizes that are sure to attract attention:

  • Golf Equipment and Memberships: Since you have the attention of your golfers, why not offer them what they love? Partner with your golf course to provide free or reduced-price golf items to include in the raffle.
  • Travel Packages: Offering a travel package is always a great grand prize idea, as most people love to travel but are hindered by the high costs. Approach an airline that uses your city as a hub and ask for them to donate two round-trip domestic tickets; it’s great advertising for them and a high-ticket item like this will help sell more raffle tickets. If you cannot get a travel package donated, consider trying one of our unique travel packages.
  • Weekend Getaways: Look for desirable locations nearby and put together a compelling weekend get-a-way including hotel, spa service, dinner, and entertainment. These are often privileges people will not purchase for themselves but will greatly appreciate if won for a prize.
  • Electronic Equipment: Flat-screen TVs and stereos are always incentives, especially for guys. Is there a local electronic store that may be interested in participating? The additional exposure could be beneficial in an economic environment where retail sales are slow.
  • Gift Certificates or Gift Cards: These are great secondary prizes and could include any local stores, movie theaters, or local restaurants. Movie passes or free pizza may be great considerations for students. And, don’t forget online gift cards that appeal to teens like iTunes.
  • Sports Memorabilia: Autographed items from sports celebrities and/or game tickets can be a great raffle prize. This is especially relevant if a sports team or booster club is hosting a raffle.
  • 50/50 or Cash Raffles: When running a 50/50 raffle, the sponsoring school or charity receives 50% of the raffle and the raffle winner receives the other 50%. Another option here is to award a grand prize of a certain monetary amount and secondary prizes in diminishing amounts. Be sure to check with your Attorney General’s office, as some states do not allow cash raffles under any circumstances.
  • Winner’s Choice Raffles: Winner’s Choice raffles are a great raffle idea, to ensure that the winner loves their prize. This is easy to implement with our great travel packages and can also be used for a car raffle, electronic equipment, gift certificates, and other prizes.

One of your event planning goals is to keep costs minimal, and this is easiest if you get several of the raffle prizes donated. The best way to get donations is to start by talking to students, parents, and employees at your school or nonprofit organization. Individuals and local business persons may have something of value to contribute and their in-kind contributions can be considered for event sponsorship. After you’ve exhausted all routes for in-kind donations, purchase items to fill in the blanks. See Our Unique Travel Packages.