Golf Tournament Consultants & Planners

Golf Consultants

Golf tournament consultants can assist tournament planners with making various decisions and plans for a charity golf tournament. From course selection and negotiations to managing hired help, to fulfilling sponsor obligations on-site to providing equipment and the basic necessities required for the game… with the help of golf consultants, your organization will be sure to plan a successful charity golf event.

What Tasks Do Golf Tournament Consultants Perform?

Golf tournament consultants can assist with all tasks associated with fundraising and corporate golf tournament planning. Depending on your organization’s budget, hiring a golf tournament consultant can certainly save your organization time and hassle. It is best to decide upfront which functions tournament planners can do, and which your organization will be in charge of. Some of the service offerings that tournament consultants provide may include the following:

  • Assistance in selecting a golf course: Sourcing a course that will cater to differing player skill levels and negotiating a reasonable price to accommodate your non-profit or community organization.
  • On-site tournament coordination: Someone to welcome guests, field participant inquiries, direct people to “sign-in” tables, hand out scorecards, etc.
  • Event Set-up services: Providing proximity markers for Longest Drive, Setting up Sponsor signs, Staging carts, etc.
  • Providing outside services including Parking Services, Golf Bag Handlers & Caddies, and Golf Pros (to participate in on-course contests and judging).
  • Managing catered food and beverage services.
  • Sourcing vendors and designing customized golf apparel, merchandise, and golf prizes.
  • Providing various on-site necessities including scorecards, cart tags, rule sheets, professional scoring, pairing sheets, etc. (perhaps all of these things branded & packaged in a customized booklet).

Golf consultancy groups provide staff who have a vast knowledge of the game of golf and experience with tournament planning. Their teams can help tournament planners with planning, negotiating, sourcing and real-time execution on tournament day. They may also provide consultancy services for individual players to help improve their game by providing golf courses, personal lessons, and assistance selecting the right golf clubs and balls.

We have worked with the following golf consultants in the US and Canada. Please review their websites and make a choice based on your experience with them.

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