Golf Tournament Entry Forms

Golf Tournament Entry Forms

Golf Tournament Entry Forms are informational brochures or one-sheets that players are often required to fill out to participate in a fundraising golf tournament. While these entry forms are certainly no replacement for a golf tournament website with online registration, the two are generally used together for successful charity tournament planning. This is because there are always a few golfers or sponsors who prefer to fill out a piece of paper and send in a paper check for payment. When utilizing our online tournament registration software, administrators can easily enter information received from paper entry forms in the back end.

Benefits of Utilizing a Golf Tournament Entry Form

Asking players to turn in a golf tournament entry form offers advantages for your organization. The primary advantages include:

  1. All player contact information is listed in one place so that you can contact players with any questions.
  2. Rules, costs, cancellation policy, and other pieces of critical information are clearly outlined to help clear up any misunderstandings if a player disagrees with team selection or rules, a golf outing is canceled, or a player pulls out of the tournament.

Items to Include on Golf Tournament Entry Forms

The golf tournament entry form outlines the basic details for your charity golf event, including:

  • Golf tournament date and time
  • Golf course or country club location
  • Costs for registration and sponsorship packages
  • Additional golf or tournament-related products for sale (mulligan packages or golf shirts)
  • Information about the golf tournament format that will be played
  • Golf contests that are to be played on the course
  • Prizes that may be won
  • Any items players receive for participating (i.e., lunch, free t-shirt) and information you need to collect around these items (ie shirt size, dinner selection)
  • Golfer registration information – name, address, phone
  • Golf handicap
  • Your contact information and information about your organization or charitable cause
  • Cancellation policy or rain dates

Golf Tournament Entry Form Template

Download a customizable golf tournament entry form here. You can use this as a sample or template for your organization’s golf tournament entry form.

Utilize Golf Tournament Software for Better Tournament Registration

GolfRegistrations is the industry’s leading golf tournament management system for coordinating the entire event life cycle of fundraising golf tournaments. Our golf tournament software packages manage individual and team registration, product sales, sponsorships, event promotion and management, team pairing and hole assignments, as well as many other administrative golf tournament management and financial reporting functions. All in one place, with secure credit card payments.

Golf Tournament Management Software

Need other resources for your charity golf tournament?

GolfRegistrations provides more golf tournament planning documents to help you assemble professional communications and sponsor recruitment materials with minimal time and effort. The sample templates include sample sponsor solicitation, sponsor confirmation, player confirmation, participant thank you, and golf course confirmation letters. The documents are in Word, and may be downloaded and customized to meet your individual event needs.

Looking for other golf fundraising ideas or FREE tools and templates? We offer plenty of golf tournament resources to help you plan and manage your charity golf event.

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