GolfRegistrations Technical Support Policy

At GolfRegistrations, we believe that first class support is the key to our clients’ fundraising success. The purpose of this support policy is to make clear what our support covers, how to obtain it, and what we expect of clients. Our aim is to ensure that any support issue is resolved quickly, and to the best of our ability, while continually seeking to improve the overall quality of our services.

All GolfRegistrations subscriptions include the following methods of support:

Support Request Tickets

This is our primary means of providing support to our clients. Submitting a support request ensures your issue receives immediate attention and quick resolution by our dedicated in-house support team, while giving us the ability to accurately track and audit your request. If our technical support team needs to log-into your account for review, we will require that you submit a support request. Support requests can be filed from your administration area -> Help -> Submit Support Request.

Please do not submit multiple support requests regarding the same issue, as this does nothing but create confusion and slow down resolution. Existing requests (including all “closed” requests) can be easily updated (and/or re-opened) as needed. Once you have a case on file, please reference this case in all communications.

Support Request Severity Levels

All cases are screened for severity levels, and are assigned service priority based on the severity of the issue or request. GolfRegistrations will have final say on the severity level assigned to any request, as it impacts the allocation of development time and company resources. Please do not be offended if we change the severity of your requests based on our detailed review and assessment of an issue.

Support Hours and Response Times

Our technical support team is committed to providing superior support service, and is available Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm Mountain Standard Time. We typically answer inquiries within a few hours, and within one to two business days at most.

Import Note: Please limit your responses to one topic per support request. You’ll receive a faster and more accurate result.

While we will always try and provide support on most subjects where we have the expertise, our support is only provided in relation to the products and services supplied. It does not extend to topics including (but not limited to) domain management, custom HTML done by your programmers, legal or tax questions, etc.

Emergency and After Hours Support

Nights and Weekends Only phone: (970) 773-5012 or 888-436-1999 x900

Please use support requests or contact us via online chat for all support related issues that occur during normal business hours. Please call only in case of a serious after hours emergency that involves a server outage, website availability, payment gateway issue, security violation, or other serious problem.

This number will connect you to our answering service. The answering service will collect contact information and pass it on to a member of the technical support team. A minimum $25 service fee applies for use of this after hours support coverage. In cases where there is a major system bug or service issue on our end, this fee will be waived.

For issues that come up after hours that are not urgent or do not require immediate attention, please submit a support request and we will review the issue on the next business day.

Knowledge Base

More than just FAQs, the GolfRegistrations Knowledge Base aims to help you answer your questions quickly and easily by providing a comprehensive resource of articles and advice relating to all aspects of our service.

Online Tutorials and Guides

Our collection of user guides and online tutorial videos help provide a better understanding of our services. We are constantly working to improve these guides.

Live Chat

Live Chat provides the ability for you to “talk” directly (via messenger style text) to a member of our support team. This method of support can be used for quick or simple queries, where we do not need to log into your account. You will be asked to submit a support request regarding your issue if we cannot help you immediately or if we need to log into your account. Live Chat is generally only available during office hours, 9 am – 6 pm MST.

Feature Requests

We are continuously adding new features to GolfRegistrations’s products and services. GolfRegistrations services become better and better due to the suggestions, ideas, and requests we receive from our customers. We appreciate all feed back and suggestions, so please keep the ideas coming. Some of our best features are based on customer requests.

Because of the number of suggestions and feature requests we receive, and because of the challenges in scheduling software development, we cannot guarantee when or if a particular suggestion will be implemented.

Please be patient with us, and understand we cannot give you a date when a feature will be implemented, or even a commitment as to whether a feature will be implemented.

Phone Support

All support for our products and services is provided online via our support request system. Customers phoning GolfRegistrations for any issues relating to technical support will be kindly asked to submit a support request or chat with our team online. If you prefer to receive phone support, you may purchase a phone support package.

System Maintenance

We strive to make our network and online systems highly reliable and available. Toward this end, we must periodically bring down systems for service, software updates, repairs, routine maintenance and performance tuning.

While this work is essential, we also recognize that it presents an inconvenience for those of you who use our online systems. We will post notices of scheduled maintenance in the administration area and to our system status blog at least 24 hours in advance of the maintenance period. You can also signup on the blog to receive email notifications.

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