How to Host Corporate Golf Events

Hundreds of corporations and businesses host corporate golf events each year. These events are looked forward to and talked about for months ahead of time and can become signature company events when well managed. So why are corporate golf events so beneficial for businesses?


  • Businesses hold corporate outings to show appreciation for their existing clients while building relationships with potential clients. It is not uncommon to conduct business on the golf course, as it provides a carefree environment for individuals to discuss the details of their partnership.
  • Corporate golf events can build your company’s brand recognition. Looking for a way to launch in a new space or set your company apart from your competition? A golf outing could be just the answer.
  • Companies often host charity golf tournaments as a way to raise money for their foundation, favorite nonprofit organization, or charitable cause.

Corporate Golf Event and Tournament Management

If your company is looking to host a corporate golf event, you’ll want to do it right. After all, a corporate golf event is a representation of your brand and your business, and hosting a successful event can boost your reputation within your industry. Make sure you create a golf outing that is unique, interesting, and fun for your event attendees.

GolfRegistrations is here to help your corporation by providing a professional, highly customizable golf tournament registration and management website for your corporate event. Our golf tournament software tools will help your organization plan and manage all the details of your company tournament from participant registration and sponsor management to creating foursome pairing and detailed financial reports. Our software includes functionality to:

  • Register players and teams with the ability to ask handicap and custom questions and manage foursome pairings.
  • Configure your custom sponsorship packages and promote your sponsors online.
  • Sell golf tournament products to increase your revenues – including dinner-only and bar tickets, mulligan packages, and raffles – all customized in your tournament administration area.

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Selecting the Course and Golfing Format

Selecting the course is key for corporate golf tournaments

Partnering with an exclusive golf course or country club that caters to your needs and makes your guests feel welcome is essential to your corporate golf tournament planning. Most corporate golf outings end with a nice lunch and drinks on the green or an awards banquet with dinner. The ambiance is everything here – and your golf course selection will determine that.

Corporate golf outings are commonly played in a scramble format. This serves as a no-pressure golf opportunity for less experienced golfers. Be sure to review the golf tournament formats your course recommends and choose the type that best fits your audience so that everyone is relaxed and having fun.

Managing the Invite List and Golfer Pairing

Now that you’ve decided to host a corporate golf event, your organization needs to decide who to invite. You must have an idea of your target audience, but be sure to consider all of the following invitees.

  • Invite important clients and suppliers to thank them for their business. Find out about their interests, families, and business needs. This is all part of the relationship-building process that creates loyalty.
  • You may also want to invite potential clients. Golf is a relaxing environment to get to know your prospects. Find out their goals and how your company’s products and services can help them accomplish their objectives. A corporate golf tournament provides an opportunity to get to know current and potential customers more personally.
  • A golf outing is also a great way for executives to mingle with their employees. In larger businesses, salespeople and mid-level employees may never get to interact with high-level executives. A golf outing puts everyone in the company on the same playing field and boosts morale.
  • You may also be interested in opening up your invitation to the local community. Invite influential community members who may enjoy networking opportunities and bring in additional revenue through sponsorship.
  • Invite local media and celebrities as well. This is especially relevant if you are hosting a charity golf tournament, as the media are often interested in telling a story about your business when it relates to a good cause within the local community.

Many corporate events allow only single golfer registration or team registration of up to three individuals, with one spot left open for someone from your business. Golfer pairing is an important part of planning a corporate golf event, as you want to be sure that your employees have a chance to meet new clients and fraternize with their current clientele. Likewise, you probably don’t want two competing suppliers teed up together, as this could create tension, and everyone wants to relax and have fun during a corporate golf event. Golfer pairing will be managed via your GolfRegistrations tournament administration area.

Charity Golf Tournament Planning for Corporate Events

Add a nonprofit or charity as your corporate beneficiary

Perhaps your corporate golf tournament is aimed at more than networking, but also has financial goals – such as raising money to fund a nonprofit or special project. Charity golf tournaments are one of the most lucrative fundraising events when done right. So be sure to start your event planning early.

Your golf tournament planning efforts will include the following:

  • Venue selection
  • Website customization & management
  • Budgeting & expense management
  • Golfer invitations & recruitment, as needed
  • Sponsorship recruitment & promotion
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Foursome pairing & VIP management
  • Hospitality and golf day of event operations, including managing event volunteers
  • Organizing golf prizes and tournament contests
  • Charity auction management, if applicable

More information, including guidelines and recommendations, are also available to help you more effectively organize a charity golf tournament.

Raising More Money at the Tournament

If your golf tournament has a charity or fundraising component, then you’ll want to think of ways to bring in as much money as possible. While golf tournament registration will often cover the direct costs (course fees, tournament website, food, and drinks) associated with your tournament, you won’t be successful unless you add ancillary events that may also serve to attract a larger pool of guests. Luckily, it’s not hard!

  • Provide golf contests such as Hole In One contests, Longest Drive, or Beat the Pro (Golf Professional) contests with great prizes – at a fee.
  • Host great entertainment and food – sell dinner-only tickets for spouses and other non-golfers that want to be involved.
  • Sell mulligan packages, golf club rentals, and other golf-related merchandise on your golf tournament website.
  • Host a silent or live charity auction as part of your tournament is a great way to bring in additional revenue while providing an element of exclusivity for your guests through the unique, one-of-a-kind auction items up for bid.

See more golf fundraising ideas for before and after the event, and even on the course.

Other Golf Tournament Services

Since 2003, GolfRegistrations is the industry leader in providing golf tournament software and services for corporate golf events. We’ve also provided a number of free golf tournament planning tools for corporations and businesses to use, including downloadable templates, a golf tournament checklist, sample tournament budget, and much more. Our Golf Tournament Marketplace provides recommendations for other golf services, including sourcing golf apparel and merchandise, finding unique contest prizes, purchasing hole-in-one insurance, hiring golf consultants, and much more.